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Car servicing is very important. a timely serviced car may never cause a major problem. A regular undertaken car servicing will extend the life of your car. Here at Central Car Care, our expert mechanics carry out oil services and make sure that all the components of engine are working and fluids are upto the max level.  If you are looking for full service or any kind of car service, we are ready to serve you for all makes and models at very competitive rates.


The engine management system uses a series of sensors within the engine to tell the driver when a fault has occurred, when a part needs to be replaced, or when a service is required.
At Central Car Care in Kensington, we use the latest diagnostic equipment and software to correctly identify fault codes on most cars and commercial vehicles, and we charge far less than main auto dealers do for this service.



Brakes are the most important part of any car since these may save us from any collision on the road. Drivers depends on the brakes and a good braking system can save lives. Our experienced technicians will analyze the brake discs using a micrometer, which measures the thickness of the disc. These measurements will be compared to the technical specifications for your car and we will advise you further if any replacement is required. If you are having any problem with your brakes or brake fluids, visit us or book your appointment today. We won’t let you go disappointed. 



Exhausts are important for any car since these keeps the car engine free of carbon and any other dangerous gases produced by internal combustion. An underperforming exhaust system can result in reduced efficiency and can lead to other problems for your car.  Our expert technicians will conduct a fast and thorough exhaust test and If you do need an exhaust replacement or repair, we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote upfront. We’ll never do work without asking you first. If you feel the need of exhausts repair or replacement, book your appointment and we’ll make sure you don’t do disappointed. 


Our workshop in Kensington is fully equipped with the very latest state of the art Air Conditioning servicing equipment and our technicians have undergone extensive specialised training.
The air con system cools the passenger cabin during warm weather but also assists the demister in winter by removing excess moisture in damp conditions. We at Central Car Care make sure that your car air conditioner works in every season with the best result. If you feel any issue with your car air conditioner or if you need it serviced, book an appointment today. 



If you drive a manual car, you are familiar with the term “Clutches”. These are small round Car parts which basically controls the rotation of car. Automatic car also has a clutch system. Clutches are very crucial because it controls the gears and speed of the car. You might feel some issues like wearing, hard press, broken or faulty wire, misalignment and many other. In these cases, Central car care is fully equipped with the latest technologies to deal with these issue. Visit us today if you too are facing any issue with the clutches.



Without a battery no engine can start. Batteries are very vital part of any car. You can face many issue related to it as well like dead battery due the age of it or maybe low charged or not charged battery due to long parked car. These may cause problem in ignition and running of you car. We stock a huge range of car batteries of all makes and models according to their powers. You are equipped with the charging station as well. Visit us or call us if you are facing the same issue we have the facility of pick up your car from your location as well in such cases. 


A smooth journey of a car requires a good set of tyres. Misaligned or balanced tyres can cause of big problem on the road. like all other maintenance, tyres need some care too. Every tyre serve a different purpose according to the requirement. Some are meant for smooth road and some are for the extreme off-roading. Some are for the cold snowy winters. We stock a huge variety of all make and models for all the purposes. Visit us today if you have any problem with your wheels and tyres and if you need a new pair of tyres. Our team is ready to serve you with the best.  



Is you car emitting black carbon smoke from exhausts? This might be a reason of a blocked DPF. This can cause disturbance in environment and the performance of your car. Get your DPF cleaned from soot regularly to prevent form any kind of fines and inconvenience on the road. Our team is expert and make sure the right tools and products are applied on you car so that you can drive with full peace of mind Visit us today or book an appointment if you are facing the same issue. 


If you are hearing a cringe noise from you car engine when you start a car and goes away when you speed up, you might be experiencing a timing belt issue. These small belts are very important for running of you engine and other components of your car. Regularly checking them for any crack can save you from a major mishap. We at Central Car Care stock huge range of timing belts for all makes and models. Our team make sure that your visit doesn’t go waste and you get a smooth running engine every time you visit us. 



A pre-MOT inspection is an inspection of your vehicle done before the MOT test. The MOT test is the annual inspection that determines your vehicle’s overall condition and it’s roadworthiness. We are specialized in Pre-MOT Test and we have built our own inspection sheets. Our experienced and qualified mechanics can carry out pre-MOT tests on a wide range of vehicles using the latest computer technology for all makes and models. If you are looking for a reliable garage for Pre-mot inspection, Central Car Care is the right place for you. Get in touch with us today.


Accidents happen and these can be costly when one hits a car badly. It can be painful to see you car in a bad shape. Rest assured, we pride ourselves on having a friendly, approachable team of qualified repair professionals that have a huge passion for vehicle repair and standards. We can make your car like brand new again with the most detailed bodywork. Get you appointment today if you are looking for the best body work for you car in London and surrounding areas.